COGS - A Club for People with Mild Dementia

The COGS club meets every Friday 10am until 3 pm at The Deal Centre
A programme of 14 sessions costs £12.50 a session to include a light lunch and refreshments. 

A COGS session consists of a full day of activity, stimulation, music and fun for a person with mild dementia or memory problems. The weekly sessions last for as long as a member can benefit from stimulation. It provides the opportunity for them to recall or develop new skills in activities and to facilitate transfer of these skills to activities at home.

COGS also provides the family/carer with a day's respite. The criteria for joining the club is that each member is able to participate actively in the activities, is self-caring and has the willingness to be part of the group. 

The facilitator of the group is Teresa Riley. She set up the COGS group initially and enjoys her role greatly, finding it very rewarding.. 


Angela Riley, the previous COGS facilitator wrote this poem about the club

I facilitate a COGS club down in Deal
We get together weekly and have a meal
I do an introduction - what COGS is all about
If you know the answers, shout them out!
We discuss the local and national news
Happy stories to chase away the blues.
Then we sing along while the music plays
We might sing in tune - one of these days!!!
Esme's champagne - another cup of tea
Biscuits, one for each of you and three for me!
I plan each session that has a different core
But there's always laughter, fun and jokes galore.
Session ten is orientation, find places on a map
My geography's appalling so I am in a flap.
Twelve thirty, platter of sarnies and some fruit
This is the only time the group is mute!
On to some movement, no time to rest
Time to put our fitness to the test.
Afternoon activities - bingo, dominoes and cards
Anything for fun - even charades.
Then we reflect upon the session
Over another cup of tea
Happy to be your facilitator
Thanks for spending your day with me.

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